The social network where anyone can release their feelings is becoming a bit dangerous. Earlier tonight (Dec. 28) Deiondra Sanders, daughter of football player Deion Sanders, took to Twitter to vent her feelings on the recent announcement of the divorce from her father and step-mother Pilar Sanders.

Before beginning her rant, she apologized in advance to her father because she knew what was about to be said would get bring fire to the entire situation. “Now my dad has been nothing but great to Pilar. Her, nor her mom has worked in over 11 years,” Deiondra tweeted in outrage over the TMZ reports that Pilar did not know about the divorce and found out about it the same time as everyone else. The 19-year-old continued to slander Pilar for about about two hours, even starting trending topics such as #HowYouDidntKnow and #HowYoTopPriorityBeen. She called Pilar a “gold digging h*e according to TMZ. At her age she really should have nothing to do with adult situations, but her desire to tell the world how she felt was definitely felt tonight.

Check out the anger Deiondra revealed to the world below.


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