I don’t get much into birthdays because everyone has one and we’re all aging, so big deal. I guess I’m a Scrooge about birthdays or something, I don’t know. But when I noticed that today is Denzel Washington’s birthday I felt a little warm and fuzzy. I still love Denzel. He’s Denzel. Like, the Denzel. He is at least in small part responsible for my early feelings of non-platonic male admiration and is just plain nice to look at, even to this day. So I was floored to realize that today is his 57th birthday.

57?! I thought he was more like 50. Denzel Washington is WAY too old for me. Why didn’t anyone say anything?

The logical part of my brain knew that he was significantly older. I remember reading about his college-aged son, I know he was an adult when I was still a tween, and he’s long since gone gray. But the non-brain parts of me just can’t believe that Denzel, the man of my dreams when I can’t think of anyone else to put in that slot and the archetype of fine-ness, has always been more appropriate for my mother to date than for me. I’m not sure why I’m just noticing this.

He’s still fine though.

CLUTCH wishes him a happy birthday!


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