It’s that time of year again…company holiday party time!! A time of year where you get to celebrate all of the hard work you put in during the year on your company’s dime. Company parties are also a time where people make some of their biggest career mistakes. I’m sure a few of us here have seen or heard about that one person who embarrassed themselves at holiday party past, well this year that person won’t be you. Follow these dos and don’ts and we guarantee you night out with the work family will be a holiday success.

Don’t Drink Too Much
There is nothing worse than coming to work on Monday morning and being greeted with stares, whispers, laughs and shaking heads because Friday night at the company holiday party you got toasted and did a solo Soul Train line complete with Don Cornelius’ iconic soul call. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in the open bar, just don’t take it too far.

Do Have Two Alcoholic Drinks
Why two drinks? Because if your company is anything like mine you’ll have the initial drink for the cocktail portion where everyone gets a chance to mingle and then for the dinner portion where the company big wigs give a toast you’ll of course need a drink to toast with. Sticking to just two drinks will keep you from getting too loose and potentially doing or saying anything that you’ll regret later.

Don’t Be Yourself
Sounds crazy to say it because who wouldn’t love the amazing person that is you, but trust me on this one. Your family and friends may love the funny, quirky, get down on the dance floor, always says what’s on your mind you, but a company event is not the place to let that person out. Who you truly are and who you truly are at work should be two closely related, but separate identities. Sure the CEO is saying that everyone can let loose and relax…not! It’s still work and “the man” is still watching.

Do Be Your Work Self
Socialize, talk about a little something outside of work, but keep that game face on. Seize opportunities to talk about new ventures the company is taking on or ideas you may have. Your coworkers and boss may be very nice, but please don’t think that they are true friends. You keep that work face on until you are safely away from the event. I don’t care if the CEO comes to you with a legally binding, irrevocable document securing your job and paycheck for life….don’t fall for the set up.

Do Have Fun
Yes it’s work, no you can’t down shots of Patron and yes the man is watching you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a good time. Catch up with coworkers, participate in a game or two and definitely show some team spirit.

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