Looks like Eddie Murphy will have the opportunity to flex his acting muscles and former embattled D.C. mayor; Marion Barry will be in the spotlight again thanks to a new project in the works that will have Murphy portraying Berry.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Spike Lee is in talks to direct and co-produce the untitled TV biopic.

It should be interesting to see if Eddie Murphy known mostly for his outlandish comedic roles can tackle the brutal intensity and chaotic madness that shadowed Berry during his tenure as Mayor.

Barry was the D.C. mayor from 1979-1991, and then unfathomably served again from 1995-1999. His overt drug use was the subject of immense scrutiny in the early 90’s and his major fall from grace came from a drug bust in January 1990 when he was arrested after getting caught smoking crack cocaine at the Vista International Hotel. He ended up serving six months in prison and now currently serves a member of the D.C. City Council representing the 8th ward.

Spike Lee will no doubt do justice to the script and anyone under his guidance tends to shine regardless of their limitations, so Murphy will undoubtedly in good hands.

If all the elements come together, this should finally give Murphy his long awaited Best Actor accolade.

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