From Frugivore — We have the media to thank for becoming more accustomed to vastly rigid and invariable standards of beauty. So when we see successful celebrities who don’t fit the standard of appeal exuberantly portraying self confidence and self love we tend to root for them. Gabourey Sidibe, the “Precious” Oscar nominated break out star is a prime example. When you see her in interviews or on the red carpet she hardly depicts that she’s worried about her size. But shouldn’t she be?

A few weeks ago, stand-up comedian and actor Patrice O’Neal died at age 41 from complications of a stroke he suffered back in October. O’Neal was known for his struggle with diabetes and weight issues and his challenges were often depicted in his work. The Comedy Central regular is just one of many who have died at an early age due to weight related ailments.

The prideful overweight rapper, Fat Joe who was diabetic for 16 years and once weighed 460 pounds is now on a journey to lose weight. The heart attack induced death of fellow MC and close friend Big Pun who weighed 780 pounds at the time of his passing heavily affected the Bronx born MC .

Joe recently told CNN that he just witnessed six of his friends who were all around his weight die of heart attacks.

“I always took pride in being fat. That’s why my name is Fat Joe. And I always represented for the big people. But I realized at a certain point all my big people were dying,” he explained to CNN’s Sanjay Gupta.

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