Who knew a little thing like a social network site could dictate the direction of your love life depending of course on how you utilize the tools provided. Its fun being single and posting regular updates on Facebook, you get to express your freedom and expose certain aspects of your very vibrant social life. Those particulars can produce favorable results by improving your hustle.

You also get a very revealing lesson on how men react when they see how much fun you are having. Sharing a photo on your wall can turn you from a B to an A+ especially if you look quite fetching on the arms of an equally dapper fellow. Your phone starts vibrating uncontrollably and the text messages start filtering in and suddenly you are in great demand. Guys from your past and present are desperate to remind you who your number one stud should be and you are now almost juggling more than you can handle.

Who needs the hassle of dating sites when you can just update your status and get the same and even better feedback? Not to mention Facebook is free!

Does your activity on Facebook affect your dating life?

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