The Florida A&M Marching 100 hazing controversy continues, with three band members now facing charges for hazing another student so badly that she had to be treated for a broken thigh.

From the Associated Press:

Tallahassee police said three men band members were involved in hazing Bria Shante Hunter for the “Red Dawg Order” – a band clique for students from Georgia. Investigators contend on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, Hunter was beaten with fists and a metal ruler.

The alleged hazing of Hunter came about three weeks before drum major Robert Champion died during a band trip to Orlando. Police believe hazing also was involved in that death.

Hunter told police that the pain became so bad that she went to the hospital where doctors discovered blood clots and a broken thigh bone. She explains that she endured the hazing “[To be] accepted…if you don’t do anything, then, it’s like you’re lame.”

These arrests come after the expulsion of four band members for the death of Robert Champion and the firing of FAMU’s band director Julian White.

The charged students — James Harris, 22, Sean Hobson, 23, Aaron Golson, 19 — have been granted bail ranging from $2,500 to $10,000, and plan to fight the charges, claiming that there is “a difference in stories,” about what really happened.

Read more at AP.

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  • ProudRattler
  • FaSho

    Hazing is more related to military activities this also where gangs got their structure from believe it or not. The problem with hazing is more about weak minded people who want control and others who want to belong and then they rest this abuse upon a “tradition”.

    Pledging is different from hazing. Pledging is the process where you commit to teaching and learning ideas.

    The problem that needs to be addressed is what has happened in the past where you would want to subject others and yourself to this.