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Are you looking for a real deal fitness challenge that you can rip through within the comfort of your own home? Just in time for a last minute Christmas gift idea, Thanksgiving feast recovery, New Year’s resolution or an overall commitment to fitness, the following list of DVD’s are sure to yield results, if you let them. Infusing the full arsenal of exercise techniques at their disposal, dig the various fat burning, muscle building programs these fitness experts have in store:


Sexy Abs by Kelly Rowland & Jeanette Jenkins:
Kelly Rowland & Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins just dropped their “super fun and motivating” Sexy Abs workout in time for the holidays. This workout promises to kick start that core, and help to develop strength, tone & flexibility. Jenkins encourages us to take on Sexy Abs 3 times a week. That, in conjunction with total bodywork outs (including cardio), and a healthful diet can bring us one step closer to a tight and gorgeous physique, à la Kelly.


Crunch Action Sports:
Crunch trainer Michelle Opperman heads up all 3 work out routines in this DVD. Incorporating functional training and high intensity movements – all with a “funky beat,” Michelle keeps it fun, interesting and encourages originality throughout. Workouts include Ass & Abs, Diesel (total body sculpting) and Chisel (great for the body but even better for those arms). All you need is a mat, 2 light to medium hand weights, and you’ll be good to go.


Chris Freytag’s 10lb Slim Down:
Chris Freytag will help you get that metabolism firing, calories burning and muscles nice and toned. This workout DVD features five 20-minute intense circuit workouts. She targets the entire body, drawing from everything from Pilates & plyometrics to yoga & cardio to help you get 10 lbs lighter in no time.


The Incredible Abs Series by Cindy Whitmarsh:
Incorporating a large variety of methods, Cindy Whitmarsh’s Incredible Abs series promises to get that core in tip-top shape, while toning other parts of the body as well. There are seven sweat pouring 20 minute long routines in the entire series that require weights, a stability ball, floor work, and an effective mixture of ab exercises that will help you build strength and transform your entire core.


Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zones:
Popular fitness trainer Jillian Michaels leads the way in this exercise program designed to tackle the most stubborn problem areas. Using circuit-training methods that combine upper and lower-body sculpting moves, Michaels’ intends to help you shred the fat ASAP.  The DVD prepares you to: “Say goodbye to saddlebags, muffin tops and wobbly arms with this heart-pounding, 40-minute circuit workout that targets trouble zones like never before.”


Jari Love: Get Ripped 1,000:
Jari Love is a fitness-focused fave. Get Ripped 1000 is a total interval workout that lasts just under an hour, integrating challenging & effective exercises. While it may not whittle away 1000 calories per workout, it could get you pretty close.


Billy Blanks Tae Bo Amped:
Hard core fitness expert, Billy Blanks, suggests you use a 3-pound weighted bar, and sheer determination to make the most of his calorie-burning sessions. Tae Bo Amped keeps it energetic and interesting, combining kickboxing, aerobics and Taekwondo throughout the various routines that range from 31 to 55 minutes in length.


Your Best Butt Fast:
Trainer Violet Zaki heads up this intermediate routine guaranteed to tighten up that booty. Your Best Butt Fast is part of Self Magazine’s Body Basics series. The 45-minute sweat-fest includes kickboxing, plies and leg lifts, squats and lunges and yoga. Apparently, Zaki’s warm motivational approach seals the deal, making it a worthwhile workout experience.


Jeanette Jenkins: The Hollywood Trainer 21-Day Total Body Circuit:
Here’s another program brought to us by fitness guru Jeanette Jenkins that aims to tone and sculpt your entire body. Moving to an upbeat playlist, Jenkins demonstrates in exercise regimens that help target every major region of the body. For 30 minutes a day, Jeanette’s alternating circuit program is designed to take you from “flab to fab.”


Denise Austin’s 3-Week Boot Camp:
Prepare to see results because with dedication, this intense 52-minute workout assures you’ll see the difference in 3 weeks time. Denise’s fat burning plan offers two vigorous workouts that combine cardio & strength intervals and athletic training to boost metabolism and burn right through fat. As a bonus, Denise’s 3-Week Boot Camp presents Ab Fat-Blaster which aims to get that midsection looking all kinds of sleek – in less than a month.


Happy Holidays & Happy Sweating!

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