So, I just came back from my trip to London and let’s just say it was absolutely amazing. Not only did I meet up with some of London’s finest Clutchettes (waves), but our brothas across the pond were quite on point as well.

After getting over the initial shock of the glut of interracial couples (I’m mean, I’m progressive, but I was starting to feel out of style), I found that British gentlemen are some of the most stylish, handsome, and fun folks I’ve come across in a while. Perhaps it was because I was the brazen American, but I made it my goal to speak…to everyone…man or woman and meet as many people as I could. This led to many interesting situations (like being invited to more parties) and presented me with several opportunities, namely flings.

Now…I’ve never really had a fling (which is really just nice-girl-speak for one night stand. Or something). I’m the relationship type. I like to get to know a man before jumping into bed, but as several bruvs whispered (in that accent!) in my ear, I started to rethink my position.

But despite my ability to talk ish, was I really bold enough to go through with a vacation fling? 

I mulled it over for a while. I collected phone numbers and email addresses and made promises to call, and I did…call. And let’s just say that I had fun (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

But now what?

Am I obligated to call, email, or Facebook? Do I just let the moment live where I left it in London Town or should I try to keep in touch?

I’m not sure the proper protocol, but I can say that my trip was eye-opening, and life-changing, and completely epic. And I can’t wait to do it again.

What about you…have you ever had a fling? How did you handle it? 

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  • Girl

    Fling isnt the same as ONS as most flings go on longer than just one night. ie Summer fling??

    anyway I wish American black men would learn how to dress from black Brits. I cant stand how they dress around here., Ugh

    Cant wait to go back to England next year for summer vacay.

  • Girl

    Lmao. The dudes are upset.

    Cos everyone knows you cant get knocked up or STDs from a regular relationship LOL

    I hate that guys even reply on here. with such BS

  • Sashay

    Glad you had fun. Leave the fling there. No expectations, no calls, texts, facebook etc. DO respond if you hear from him though. No need to be rude:)

    All of you judgmental people are pitiful and prob not very attractive.

    • @Sashay – Judgmental? That’s weak and childish to say. Warning you guys from a person with experience…Substantive.

    • Sashay

      @grantmx, calling someone a “hoe” is weak and childish. you could have made your point without being so mean.

    • @Sashay – I didn’t call anyone a ‘hoe’, some other person did. I simply quoted an author. I did however explicitly called MEN who slept around, Sluts. If that was too harsh, then let me rephrase and say that, Women/Men who have Flings, One Night stands, etc., are individuals who are considered to have loose sexual morals or sexually promiscuous which in the long term will prove detrimental to your health.

      Simply stated: Sleeping around on a whim, or just because they are attractive is not healthy – and people who do so are not marriage material and won’t be until they stop.

      @girl – I didn’t pull in the “regular relationship” issue because to me, the same applies.


      All in all, you can call me a bonafied Prude. But I am a Prude who is happily married and has frequent amazing marital sex, because I wised up to the fact that saving yourself for someone meaningful is a worthwhile sacrifice.

    • Maggie

      @grantmx sounds like the ‘weak and childish’ one to me…

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