As we bid adieu to another robustly dramatic year, we have to realize how fortunate we are that we made it! Well, almost…it’s not over yet! But, we should take advantage of the remaining days to reflect and celebrate all our accomplishments and wipe the slate clean from all the accumulated clutter so we can have a clean template to work with in 2012.

Here are the ways you can end the year with a smile on your face:

  • Try getting a makeover. Be adventurous and try something new and fun. Dramatically changing your hairstyle can have surprisingly positive effects. It can give you the right attitude for the New Year.
  • Recover the goal list that you made at the beginning of this year and make a note of the ones that are still pending and move them to the top of the list for 2012. Starting the New Year purposefully almost always guarantees you will end it successfully.
  • Dig into your wardrobe and assess what your style forecast will be moving forward. Re-defining your style can give you a sense of confidence that can open you up to fruitful possibilities.
  • Finally. Party! Party! Party! Don’t be a party-pooper! New Year’s Eve is the ultimate night of decadence and all things FAB. It can get a little crazy out there so celebrate responsibly but don’t hold back either. Let your hair down and welcome 2012 in a memorable and gratifying way.
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