It appears to be business as usual for The Fox “News” Network. Just in time for Christmas, Fox issued a poll on Facebook asking whether Jews killed Jesus Christ. The FNN staffer is said to have posted it as a method of promoting the National Geographic Channel’s Christmas special. It has since been pulled and accompanied by a formal apology from the network.

The poll asked readers to weigh in on who they thought was responsible for Jesus’ death: The Jewish People, Pontius Pilate or the High Priests. In response to the query, the Simon Weisenthal Center in Buenos Aires made a public declaration, claiming it was a “defamatory reference to Vatican propaganda that ‘resulted in the persecution and murder of Jews for two millennia.’” The group expressed their contempt for Fox’s decision to propagate an ideology that was supposedly annulled by the Vatican in 1965.

Fox Spokeswoman Guadalupe Lucero apologized on behalf of National Geographic, and stated that the poll was taken down immediately while assuring that incidents of a similar nature would not occur in the future.


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  • The Comment

    Those people over @ Fox must be bored out of their mind. Just a bunch of aging white frat boys totally unaware that America is no longer #1. Sucks to be that damn ignorant.

  • CocoPuffs

    I just love the picture used…..suits them too well.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    I’m not surprised at all about this question from Fox News Channel. It wouldn’t be the first time that the News Corporation alluded to that. If anyone remembers the film “The Passion Of The Christ”- the Mel Gibson movie that was put out by the film studio – at least on home video- by Twentieth Century Fox (a division of the News Corporation). That movie, if anyone remembers, kind of hinted at it and a few talking heads at Fox News brought it up. I didn’t think they would be bold enough to ask that question around Christmas time.