The courtroom heard a “Hallelujah!” upon the announcement that all charges against Rayon McIntosh were dropped in the McDonald’s beat-down debacle that occurred in October. The 31-year old was accused of brutally attacking two women with a metal rod at the 24-hour restaurant in Greenwich Village, store after they cussed him out, jumped over the counter and physically assaulted him. After 11 days on trial, a grand jury voted to clear McIntosh, The Daily Mail reports.

A free man, McIntosh had already served nearly a decade on a manslaughter charge. The McDonald’s gig had been his first since his release. Rayon’s mother, Maureen Lucas insists that “If he didn’t have that record, they would never have arrested him.” The former Micky D’s employee’s stepsister, Jacara McIntosh also spoke in his defense saying, “No 31-year-old wants to work at McDonald’s making $7.25 an hour but he did it.” She attributed this sacrifice to his commitment to support his 11-year-old daughter.

The two women on the ‘other side’ of the story, Rachel Edwards and Denise Darbeau are facing charges of criminal trespassing, menacing and disorderly conduct. A grand jury has yet to rule on their case. However, last we heard of the troubled pair was that Edwards was healing from a gash to her arm, while Darbeau’s mother reported her daughter’s skull fracture resulted in permanent damage and memory loss.

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  • So what that he’s a man and they were women? They stepped to him like men so they deserve the consequences. I’m a woman, but I get sick of hearing “a man shouldn’t beat a woman, even if she deserved it” crap. And who’s to say that he was actually guilty for that manslaughter charge, and even if he was, this is a different situation. Just because someone serves time for murder, does it make it ethical to lock that person up upon release if someone stabs him and he bashes them on the head and kills him/her?

  • Jenn

    He beat someone with a metal pipe… are you f’n serious about this shit? This is assault, as basic as it gets. He can counter sue based on her slap but holy shit!