Reality television is about to get even more foolish, if that’s even possible. ABC has picked the weirdest mash up of characters ever for the first season of Celebrity Wife Swap. The premise is still the same as the original, Mom #1 moves into Mom #2’s home and Mom #2 moves into Mom #1’s home, except this time instead of the spouse waiting for them being some regular person, these celebs could find themselves being ‘married’ to Flavor Flav, Niecy Nash or Gary Busey for two weeks.

According to ABC the celebrity swappers schedule is:

Gary Busey and evangelical pastor Ted Haggard
Growing Pains’ star Tracey Gold and Wilson Phillips singer Carnie Wilson
Flavor Flav and Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider
Pro wrestler Mick Foley and Antonio Sabato Jr.
Niecy Nash and ‘Family Ties’ actress Tina Yothers

Flavor Flav watching a pastor’s kids? I’m sure there’s no way foolishness will ensue from that line up. The madness begins January 3rd at 9PM on ABC.

Will you be watching?

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