When speaking of Big Driis’ career, the term “meteoric rise” may be completely apropos. Earlier in the week, we learned that Elba’s hit show Luther, may go to the big screen. Now, it looks as though Idris is about to sign on to play the role of Nelson Mandela, in an official biographical film about the iconic South African human rights leader.

The London born actor whose roots are directly from the Continent (his mother is Ghanaian; his father’s from Sierra Leone) is expected to start filming some time in 2012. Elba is set to join the ranks of talented actors who’ve been tapped to portray the apartheid activist in movies past including Terrance Howard in Winnie and Morgan Freeman in Invictus. Additionally, usual suspects Will Smith and Denzel Washington had been considered for the role, NME reports, but in the end, it appears as though the best man is about to win big.

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