At last, Tina Knowles decided to put an official end to her 31-year old marriage to Mathew. Apparently, Bey’s mom filed the papers last month in Texas – finalizing the whole thing. Tina’s initial attempt to kick the mega manager to the curb occurred in November 2009, but according to TMZ, the matter was dropped in 2010 because neither of Beyonce’s folks decided to show up for court. The original divorce filing went down one month after it became public knowledge that Mathew was the daddy of former Scrubs actress, Alexsandra White’s, unborn child.

In the official documents, Tina claims the marriage was “insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities” … which “prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation.” This may have been a long time coming, but the birth of Mathew’s love child in 2010 could’ve been the straw that broke this particular camel’s back.

Mathew and Tina have been the very bedrock of Beyonce’s successful career. Mathew quit his job at IMB 20 years ago to manage Beyonce’s first group, Girl’s Tyme, which matured into Destiny’s Child. Tina acted as stylist for the Grammy award winning group and went on to co-found House of Dereon with Beyonce in 2005.

No word on “who got what,” however, there’s been talk that Tina recently put her Houston mansion on the market. Coincidence? Time will tell…

Clutch, who didn’t see this coming a mile away? What are your thoughts on Tina’s decision to kick Mathew to the curb?

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  • QON

    I said on the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant thread that my rules on divorce were pretty strict- infidelity, abuse, drug abuse, or criminal behavior. However, I make exceptions if the children are adults and out of the house. Its sad that they have divorced but at least their daughters were able to see their parents raise them together through adulthood.

  • Drea

    He shoulda kept his D*** in his pants…….He was already in the wrong but OMG…could he have put a cap on it …IF HE WAS GONNA CHEAT!

    He is such a lame ! They had such a squeeky clean image!

  • Diem

    Given this is his second love child (Kelly Rowland being the first), who can blame her for kicking him to the curb?

  • Diem

    Sorry but her and Solange look too much alike. Something in the milk ain’t clean . . .

    • Bunny

      There have been whispers that Kelly is really his love child, and that it’s the only reason she was ever “adopted” into the family in the first place. And that Tina’s anger over the situation is why Kelly was constantly shafted in Destiny’s Child and could never have a decent career of her own

  • African Mami

    @ Bunny,

    Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl!!! I’ve been telling errybody that is somebody on this earth that Kelly IS Mr. Knowles FIRST DAUGHTER!!!!!!! Oh mi gosh! Let me tell ya’ll what happened exactly:

    Mr. Knowles, met Kelly’s mom. He was in-love with her, he was in-like with her, as a result Kelly came along. He stayed on with her until he met Beyonce’s mama, who made his heart beat faster than my African drums! As a result, he decided to leave Kelly’s mom but not his daughter. He told her to shut up, he would take care of the child for the rest of his life-which he did! Beyonce’s mama knew what was up from the get go!!!!!!!!