There is apparently no love lost between Tyra Banks and ex-Top Model judge and former self-proclaimed Supermodel, Janice Dickinson. Amid the controversial ANTM finale this past Wednesday, Dickinson has decided to seize the opportunity to let the cat out of the bag by claiming that the popular show has misled viewers into thinking that the judges have the final say which couldn’t be further from the truth. She is now spreading the word that it’s actually cosmetic giant Cover Girl that determines the winner adding that the show is “definitely rigged”.

Dickinson’s abrupt departure from the show back in 2005 fueled rumors of bad blood between the feisty 80’s IT girl and Banks, and it looks like there was some truth to those rumblings. Dickinson elaborates that she actually quit the show once she found out she was part of a “scam” and she was disgusted that Banks would willing dupe the public in such a conniving way.

This could really end up being Dickinson’s way of socking it to her long time feuding partner by riding on the coattails of the bad press that has been plaguing her show since Wednesday’s fiasco. Or maybe she is telling the truth. Either way it makes for an appetizing scandal.

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