I’m enough of a feminist that I’ve gone full circle past thinking that lists like Men’s Health’s Sexiest Women of All Time are stupid and sexist into thinking they’re a little empowering. I’ve also watched a whole lot of Friends. So why am I so worn out by a Men’s Health poll naming Jennifer Aniston the Sexiest Woman of All Time?

Men’s Health says that “other sex symbols drift toward one-dimensionality, becoming flat icons in the process, but throughout her career Aniston has remained sexy, funny, and unmistakably real. For that reason, she is our all-time sexiest woman.”

Now that we have an idea of what “sexy” means and see that, refreshingly, factors besides breast size were considered, it’s easier to accept the poll as harmless homage. I wasn’t even aware that Jennifer Aniston was considered a sex symbol so that clears things up for me. But as this article has been passed around the internet, the reaction that Jennifer Aniston is undeserving of this honor has been interesting to watch to say the least — I am not the only one confused.

I have nothing against Jennifer Aniston. I have tender feelings for anyone who’s had her man snatched away by Angelina Jolie. In fact, I’ve often found myself rallying for her when she’s faced media daggers for not having been able to hold on to Brad Pitt…or John Mayer…or Vince Vaughn…or any man, really. And, Jennifer Aniston is not a woman who is hard to look at or anything and all of God’s children are beautiful. But that a poll could vote her Sexiest Woman of All Time? I think I’m missing something.

For me, it’s just a very stark reminder that the most regular white women get intense amounts of adoration in Hollywood. I’m not saying that anyone in particular should be considered sexier than anyone else or considered sexier than Jennifer Aniston for that matter. I’m not even sure that women should be putting any stock in what men find sexy at all. As surprised as I am that they didn’t go for Marilyn Monroe let alone Halle Berry, I have no idea who is the Sexiest Woman of All Time. However, its interesting to watch the reaction to someone so regular being granted such an “honor” as if one could or could not deserve such a thing.

Are beauty/sex appeal standards twisted? Who would you vote sexiest of all time?


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  • I Lucia

    Brigitte Bardot was in her heyday, hands-down, the most outlandishly sensuous, sexy, celebrity of the 20th – 21th Century. No one today holds a candle to her smoldering eyes, pouting lips, perfect breasts, perky butt, and outrageous, dancer’s legs—and, except for her peroxided hair, 100 % NATURAL. Who today can boast that? To anyone reading this post at this late date, I urge you to view some of the many pictorial tributes to Brigitte in her youth on Youtube. This die-hard heterosexual gal finds her very magnifique and oh la-la.

  • I Lucia

    PS: As a ’60’s vintage movie buff, my last post was a tribute to Brigitte Bardot (who, as a European actress, doesn’t make the cut–Only Americans need apply.) I can easily rhyme off twenty women of diverse cultures and colors who belong well-ahead of Jen: Everyone from Dorothy Dandridge to Sofia Loren. Why, this pictorial in ‘Essence ‘ alone provides no less than thirty women of color who are positively stunning. I just don’t get the Aniston allure. Maybe it’s the attainable-girl-next-door factor? Unless men are secretly enticed by the way ” Rachel” blue-b*lled “Ross” for many years on “Friends.” (With a “friend” like Rachel, who needs a stripper summoning the bouncer when she can’t decide whether you’re a friend or more—-or less?)