Who knew VH1’s reality shows would be good for something other than shits and giggles? But last night on ‘Love and Hip Hop’ and ‘T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle’ the theme of the night was love.

Mixed between the fabricated drama among the ‘Love and Hip Hop’ ladies, we saw Jim Jones get all up in his feelings as the beef between his overprotective mother and his strong-willed fiance came to a head.

After mama Jones made a diss record calling out Jimmy’s fiance, the self-confessed mama’s boy finally stepped in to set his mother straight and get her to stop disrespecting Chrissy, the love of his life. During their heart-to-heart Jim–who’s rapped about killing, robbing, dealing and knocking folks out–cried real tears as he explained why he needed his mother to get along with Chrissy.

Jim pleaded: “If you say you love me the way I do, and I’m telling you this lady the way I do, then you should understand what’s going on. We shouldn’t be going through this.”

By the end of their talk, Jim’s mother saw the error of her ways and made a vow to patch things up with Chrissy.

Later in the episode, Jim planned a romantic Moroccan-themed dinner on an Manhattan rooftop for his boo, to once again, declare his love for her. While Jim’s marriage-phobia seems to drive Chrissy crazy, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he loves her. Unlike most rappers–and if we’re keeping it real, a lot of men–Jim is very open about his love and devotion for his woman. And I respect that.

In addition to Jim professing his unyielding love for Chrissy, last night also saw the premiere of T.I.’s latest reality show, “The Family Hustle.” In “The Family Hustle” we got an inside glimpse at T.I. the family man and husband, and what we saw hit most of us directly in the heart.

We’ve heard all about Tip’s run-ins with the law, but we rarely saw his love and devotion for his family. Although I knew he was a ride-or-die dude (he reportedly took the drug charge for Tiny), watching the show made it clear that he’s not only a doting father, but he’s a loving husband. Say what you will about Tiny and T.I.’s hoodrich love, but theirs is the type of relationship many long for: Loving, affectionate, fun, respectful, and supportive. Just like Jim and Chrissy, watching T.I. and Tiny interact on screen made it clear that they are genuinely in love and they want the world to know.

In a culture where being hard and not showing emotion is en vogue, these two men stepped outside of the box to openly support and love their significant others without embarrassment. As a hip hop head, I dig the fact that these brothas bucked the “I don’t love them hoes” meme, and as a woman, it just made me feel all mushy inside.

Did you watch, “Love and Hip Hop” and “The Family Hustle”? What did you think? 

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