Ms. Keri baby recently chatted with EURweb about why we haven’t spotted her hugged up with one of the NBA’s or NFL’s finest: She doesn’t date famous men.

Hilson, who’s worked with some of the biggest names in the business, likes to keep her famous friends just that, friends. But when it comes to relationships, she’d prefer to date a regular guy and experience “real”–not manufactured–love.

Hilson explained which men are off limits:

“I put a lot in that category – rappers, sports players, ball players and things like that. I would never say ‘never,’ but I want something real. I want real love. I don’t want this red carpet Hollywood love. I feel like they’re easily penetrated, and that’s something that I don’t want. I don’t want publicity. I want love.”

So, does she think that all famous pairings are just for show? Well, not really.

“I ain’t no dummy. I know that it can work, and I know there is true love in those situations. But the way that some of them have approached me makes me feel like I would just be a publicity stunt, I guess. It’s like a ‘look’ for us to be together as opposed to ‘Oh, let’s get to know each other and see if it works.’ They just kind of want to move fast and want the world to know and be talked about. And that’s not something that’s appealing to me.”

What do you think…are famous couples any less “real”? Does Keri have a point? Let’s talk about it! 

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  • Alexandra

    She has said this plenty of times. Has she been successful in her preference? She’s still talking about it, I’m guessing either no or she’s keeping him out of public eye?

    I don’t think celeb couples are less real than non-celeb couples, I do think a lot of the breakups are caused by rumors, gossip, materialism, temptation, etc; They have no privacy.

  • ebonydiva82

    I agree with keri: I would not want to date someone famous, if I were a celebrity, because I wouldn’t want to be with someone that somebody else already dipped in and who the world knows about. Celebrities recycle each other too much: I’m surprised that their isn’t some kind of std going around, or maybe they just don’t talk about it.