Use a racial slur in a magazine, resign, everyone forgets about it, you get a new gig someplace else, your original publications recovers just fine, and all is well, right? That’s how I thought the whole Eva Hoeke/Dutch magazine Jackie magazine saga would go. But wait — now the editor of the magazine, Yves Gijrath, is making it plain that neither Hoeke nor the publication have anything to apologize for.

According to a translation provided by Jezebel:

[T]here is nothing wrong in the magazine. [Hoeke] presented it as a joke, but it most certainly was not a joke. It was an interpretation [of a fashion style]. […] She should have said: “we did not realize this interpretation is such a touchy subject. We never meant any harm and offer our sincere and upright apologies.” But because of all the fuss, Eva started to wiggle in all directions, and therefore we have come to the conclusion her credibility has been undermined.

I’m not sure if I’m more irritated that this incident happened at all or that instead of letting the issue just die down the magazine has chosen to prop the wound open by justifying its lack of foresight. Two steps forward, three steps back, hunh?

What do you think of the magazine’s un-apology?

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