Maybe it’s just due to recent events in my life or my biological clock or whatever, but lately I cannot resist the adorableness of a baby, and the tinier they are the cuter I find them. Although my excitement about little Melinda Star Guido is mostly based on my love of pouty baby chins, the fact that she’s the world’s third smallest baby to thrive is a huge deal for modern medicine and a beautiful story of hope. Melinda was born at 24 weeks (16 weeks premature) and only weighed eight ounces at birth. She has spent most of her life in the hospital under close monitoring but is doing very well now.

Get to know Baby Melinda in this Associated Press video.

By the way, that doctor was likely referring to the foreign size of Coke, which is eight ounces. Here in supersize America we drink our soda from twelve ounce cans, so you can imagine how tiny Baby Melinda was and how far she’s come. If the joy in her mother’s face does not warm your heart at least a little bit then there is no cure for what ails this world!

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