The Hair Police is back again! And it looks like MTV is the subject being questioned for coming up with what I perceive as an ill-conceived show.

The Big Chop will attempt to document a brave young woman’s decision to “chop” off all her hair in a quest to embrace a more natural look.

Not sure what motivated MTV‘s decision to dedicate a series to women switching over to chemical-free hair, but its unimaginable that such a formula will work. Cutting your hair isn’t always the option for people who are looking to transition to natural locks. There are a variety of other protective styles, braids, twists, etc that are just as effective. So the initial theme of this vehicle is already misleading possibly to raise the dramatic factor since cutting off one’s hair is a drastic move that makes most women cringe.

The Big Chop could be damaging in a number of ways, but the one major flaw is the fact that it makes the idea of “going natural” seem a bigger issue than it really is. Hair first and foremost is an accessory that can be worn straight, curly, and wavy, etc, and whatever it takes to achieve each of those looks shouldn’t matter as long as the end result is satisfactory. A lot of women, who sport natural tresses, do it because they want to it’s not necessarily a decision that incites any measure of self-angst or an inspiration for a self-starring soap opera. MTV will have to produce a perfectly balanced show that depicts mostly the positive rather than the negative. The last thing we need is our “dirty laundry” exposed for the world to see. Every woman regardless of race has challenges in the hair department, so it’s almost insulting that African-American hair is being used as the guinea pig in this experiment that is in danger of going horribly wrong unless all the elements are handled in a delicate manner.

Black women have always suffered from the wrong type of exposure, and a show like The Big Chop does nothing more than stir the pot and encourage stereotypical views about a subject Black women are already sensitive about.

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