full_1322002313_f385d336feThere seems to be a resurgence of appreciation for nail decor and now it has become evident even at check out counters of drug stores and even gas stations that almost always have baskets full of nail polish in every color imaginable, that there is a high demand that suppliers are eager to fulfill.

Back in the day, we had to pay a pretty penny to get the more decadent offerings from cosmetic staples like Urban Decay and Hard Candy and OPI, who all retail their bottles of confection for at least $12 a pop. They ride on the idea that they are saturating the market with quality products and in order to guarantee that long-lasting effect coupled with cool minty hues, you have to willingly splurge.

But the wheels have turned in another direction, and it’s no longer necessary to dent your checking account to keep your nails looking immaculately refined. There are so many more affordable options and consumers are taking the hint, making this portion of the cosmetic market quite lucrative for both parties.

Taking a cue from the nail art craze that is presently dominating the scene, Sally Hansen has produced the perfect tool that makes it easy for you to sport one-of-a kind designs that you could probably only get at a salon. But Salon Effect Real Nail Polish will not only save you that trip but tons of money too; they retail from about $7 to $11 per box and the results are stunning. The application process is simple and fast and you have a template of options to choose from. But the best feature is the “no drying time” effect which is a godsend! The strips practically fit all nails and you can remove it with the good old-fashioned nail polish remover. You can also expect to enjoy them for at least 10 days which beats most regular nail polish applications.

Having gorgeous nails is now an affordable luxury and that’s good news for all of us nail enthusiasts with lifestyles that can’t accommodate an expensive and time-consuming habit.

– Ezinne Ukoha

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