For most people getting through college life involves dedication, studying and lots of hard work. But if you ask the folks at Google they’ll tell you surviving the college years has nothing to do with hard work and everything to do with the Google machine. According to their new site College Tips By Google, Google suggests its products are the be all and end all to the problems facing today’s students.

Online tech resource Tech Crunch decided to compile a list of 16 products Google suggests students use, but with a small twist. Check out a few of the ways the online mag thinks students are really using Google’s college tips.

· Google Maps – Drunkenly find your way back to/from the frat house

· Google Docs – Get your classmates to do all the work for you, edit your name in at the end

· Google Hangouts – Have video chat sex with your girlfriend who’s studying abroad

· Google Places – Find the nearest place to buy red cups and ping pong balls

· Google Calendar – Ignore your alerts until you have 3 hours to write that 20 page paper

· Google Scholar – Cite books you never read, or don’t, plagiarizing is easier

· Google Advisor – Find the best 3rd credit card so you don’t run out of beer money

· Google Groups – Contribute nothing to the study group but read everyone else’s summaries

· Google Product Search – Buy your text books a week before finals

· Google Flight Search – Springbreak!!!


How do you use Google products?

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