In her prime, 73-year-old Etta James dug deep into her soul to bring forth songs like the classic hit ‘At Last’ that are still played on radio stations to this day. In more recent years the singer’s health has drastically faded and her live-in doctor has recently taken to asking for prayers for the now terminally ill star. Dr. Elaine James, no relation, has cared for Etta James since March 2010 and she tells the Riverside Press-Enterprise that the singer’s chronic leukemia was declared incurable two weeks ago.

Dr. James says:

“I am Southern and Christian and would just ask for the prayers of her fans and friends. They know she’s been sick, but not how sick.”

Court records in the singer’s probate case also show that in addition to the leukemia, she suffers from dementia and kidney failure.

We send our prayers out to Etta James and her family.

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  • The Comment

    I wish they do a REAL movie/Biopic about this woman. With a real actress. That is not Halle Berry or Beyonce or Mrs. Patton. Someone like Ms. Laura the comdiane would be great.

    • grace


  • Ms. Thang

    I will pray for Ms. James, however; God has the final say.

  • Bisous

    Thats terrible my prayers go to her family and Ms. James. I hope she doesn’t have to live in pain.

  • HuesofHoney

    Sad news….She’s in my prayers.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i hope she has a smooth transition…….