I’m not going to get into the differences between how black and white parents discipline their children. I don’t have kids of my own so when I say that I’d spank my children if I had any, folks tend to say that I have no credibility and would probably be a big old softie in real life. But my teaching experience has made me side-eye one thing in particular: the “time out.” Never once have I encountered a well-behaved, respectful child who became that way thanks to a steady diet of time-outs. Not one not ever, and I’ve certainly never heard of a piece of furniture to support said time-outs. But of course there is one.

Yes, this is real, and retails for $69. As if the looks on this kid’s face weren’t enough, check out the item description from Wisteria.

Sometimes it’s just too hard to punish your kids because they’re so darn cute! However, our time out stool may have them volunteering. The hourglass is filled with white sand to time approximately five minutes, so you’ll know exactly when their time out has expired. The base is made of durable¬†mango wood. Not a toy. For children only with adult supervision. Maximum weight is 150 lbs.

I think the need for the reminder that this stool has a weight limit is the funniest, and most tell-tale part. I’m sure someone out there is still giving their 200 pound teenager timeout on a regular basis.

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