Sheree Whitfield’s priorities may be out of order, but once thing she’s found time and money to do is put together a diss track aimed at her former friend and current Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Nene Leakes.

Notice I said “put together” because Sheree is neither a singer nor a rapper and as you will see, the content of her new song “Who Gone Check Me Boo?” reflects that. The title, as those who have watched the show for a few seasons know, comes from an infamous argument that Sheree had with a party planner during Season 2. Her beef with Nene stems from a dispute over money and public appearances and got ugly after each began telling the other who is and is not rich. The song does a pretty good job of stating Sheree’s case, although some of the lyrics split hairs about her financial situation. Watch…

I guess if you want to help Sheree fill the gap between her lavish lifestyle and the child support checks that she’s yet to see from her ex-husband, you can pick up the single on iTunes.

What do you think of “Who Gone Check Me Boo?”

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