Yes it’s official. The crazies have come out yet again. As we gear up for a long 2012 presidential election cycle, I’m afraid more stories such as this will be spilling into the light.

Apparently, one of GOP candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s supporters got a little too passionate over the weekend. Jules Manson, a former candidate for a city council slot in Carson, Ca., a Los Angles suburb, was feeling a little over zealous in his disdain for President Obama. After going on a Facebook rant about the constitution being “sold away,” Manson suggested that to correct what he feels is the government’s intrusion in our constitutional rights assassinations are in order. And specifically he suggested President Obama, whom he called a n-word and a “monkey,” and his “monkey children” should be the first to go.

Manson’s rant may have gone unnoticed had he not been such a high profile supporter of Congressman Ron Paul, who is quickly gaining traction in the GOP primary races. Manson has helped to raise money for Paul and has been an active participant in his online campaign, but since his explosive Facebook rant, Paul’s campaign has been working hard to distance themselves from Manson.

Manson attempted to erase the post and his comments from Facebook, but it was futile. Outraged citizens and news outlets took screen shots of the rants and I’m sure Manson will be under the long microscope of the Secret Service.

While I respect Manson’s right to disagree with President Obama’s policies, personal attacks, racist name calling and targeting President and First Lady Obama’s children is uncalled for. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning in a long and draw out election season.

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  • grace

    I read this after reading not one, but two articles on two different sites in which Rihanna was a victim of racism (one, Tweeted by her on an incident in Portugal, and another in which a Dutch magazine referred to her as a “niggerbitch”).Of course we are completely over racism! See the progress we have made!

  • Perverted Alchemist

    If Jules Manson is going to write something that is racist, he should at the very least learn how to spell first…also, never trust anyone with the last name “Manson”- that’s all for now…

  • B

    Not surprised. And I actually think Ron Paul is the only remotely human republican candidate running. This is not a good look for him, though. Not at all. And, I agree with Nikki that it’s sad that this stupid racist rant has steered the discourse away from the fact that the President really did just sign away many of our rights – I’ve been furious about that bill ever since I heard about it weeks ago.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    I don’t care whether he insults the president or not; he is beyond a nobody. But, he should feel the consequences of the assassination talk. I do have to wonder how horrible a person has to be to advocate assassinating children. I cannot imagine how evil such a person has to be.