The gossip mill is saying that Rihanna and Chris Brown are exchanging subliminal sentiments of love across the Twitterverse. Pics of the their tweets yesterday kind of speak for themselves:

And shortly afterward:

I can’t stand Chris Brown and would find it sad if any woman who’d been beaten by a man continued to entertain him. That said, I won’t even lie to y’all…my feelings about Rihanna have become so mixed lately. It just seems like she’s doing so much in every direction. Twitter is great for so many things but I don’t understand how she has time to tweet Chris Brown’s mom, tweet the editor who called her niggabitch, tweet Chris Brown, be sassy to her fans and critics on Twitter…I can’t keep up with my own twittering so I just don’t know anymore. I find it odd that, of all the ways to maintain and promote privacy, she would leave any loose ends when it comes to what I’d think she’d want to be her private life.

Do you think these are subliminal tweets between Chris Brown and Rihanna?

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  • niki


    • MarloweOverShakespeare

      Exactly! How about we get on Soledad O’Brien’s twitter and congradulate her on her new morning slot on CNN!


  • nappyandhappy

    why are we so hard on Rihanna when it comes to Chris Brown? how many of us have a friend that is getting her @ss beat down on a daily basis by her husband/boyfriend and are still with them? I know that she is in the public eye and therefore she is held to a higher standard yada yada yada. …but at the end of the day she is young, way younger than most of us, human and in love with this fool. Honestly im surprised that she has held out this long, i got a neighbor whose husband beat her, got arrested over xmas, and was back monday…MONDAY. This ish isnt healthy by any means but we got to let her learn on her own, honestly i think Chris Brown may have learned his lesson. He took his anger management classes, he did his community service how much longer to do we have to hate him? for real let me know cause i can hang on to the anger for a couple more weeks if need be. technically he has paid his debt to society, what else is there to do but forgive at this point.

    • londongirl

      @nappyandhappy i totally agree.
      everybody has played the fool for somebody they love.
      NOBODY (no matter how much you read blogs) knows the impact the whole thing had on them both. if they have both matured and are ready to try again, then who are we to object.
      *side note, i would love to see how Chris explained those tweets to his current girlfriend.

    • iQgraphics

      Agreed. The media didn’t help their healing process AT ALL.

    • londongirl I was thinking the exact same thing abut CB’s new boo. I remember a month or two ago his mom was allegedly sending Rihanna subliminal tweets saying she missed her. I couldn’t help but think about how Karrueche took that. Awkward…

    • Diem

      Agree! They were and still are very young. CB has time and a higher chance of success to change his behavior for the better, he’s not even 30 so he’s still malleable. If he does change and they want to get back together that’s their business. It’s obvious they are still in love with each other or at the very least they need closure to their relationship that the media frenzy denied them before they can move on to other people.

  • sam

    Wish them luck! I just want my ex back. Can anyone tell me what is the best way to get my ex boyfriend back? Thx!

    • African Mami

      @ sam,

      email me! I am a relationship expert! I DO NOT charge at all for advice.

  • Bisous

    WTF so this vague ass message constitutes a realationship!? GTFO And so long ass you aren’t in their beds or on their arm why even bother who they choose to pursue. JEEZ!