Yesterday @mombreezy, better known as Chris Brown’s mother, sent Rihanna a tweet that contributed further to speculation on the saga of love and abuse between the two singers.

Later on that day, Rihanna sent this message:

This suspected exchange comes a few months after Chris Brown and Rihanna’s Twitter reunion and what many fans believe is the exchange of not-so-private messages between the pair alluding to them reconciling romantically. Especially of interest to the gossip mill was her recent tweet saying “I know he messed up, but let a real nigga make it right.” How romantic. Sorta.

Do you think Chris Brown and Rihanna are getting back together?

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  • CD86

    I don’t think anything of them getting back together. What I do find odd is the weird emotional hold their relationship/break-up has over people.

    • Monzi

      I think that people’s obsession is annoying, but I wouldn’t say it’s weird. I think it makes perfect sense that the public is interested in a high profile domestic abuse case. A lot of people go through domestic abuse and a lot of people are interested in celebrities’ lives s it is interesting to see a domestic abuse story play out in front of our eyes.

  • jo

    In case….you guys didn’t know….. Rih has a very warming and good heart…she does not hold things at heart. She forgave CB and still loves him and his family….it’s only human, for goodness sake!!!!!!

  • Mel

    Who would have thought that in order to have a relationship you have to beat someone you supposedly love unmercilessly until they are unrecognizable? I would say standards have changed, but really people never learn.

  • Liah

    Chris could’ve fooled me, I thought Karrueche filled that void that Rihanna left. It’s sweet that Ms. Hawkin’s misses Rih Rih but Chris needs to let her go.

  • gabbi14

    persons need to give both persons a break people do mess up in different ways if they want to get bk together so be it they would fit perfectly i think chris brown did learn his lesson so and it is not like riri stop his pocket frm growing.