Don’t get sucked in solely by the photos of them filming scenes from the upcoming film The Words, but a source close to the pair say that Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper are “totally dating,” and are even spending the holidays together skiing in the Rocky Mountains.

Rumors about a romance between one of Hollywood’s hottest black actresses and People Magazine’s Sexiest Man have been brewing since they were spotted “canoodling” in a New York nightclub (you know ‘canoodling’ is a tell-tale sign that something is going on).

Saldana announced her engagement to Keith Britton,her boyfriend of 11 years, in June 2010. She also announced that the wedding was a no-go only a month ago.

All we can really say to that is…go ‘head girl! If the two really are dating they certainly look good together, and there’s no better way to rebound from a break-up than snuggling up in a ski chateau with a nice looking man.

What do you think? Could Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper be Hollywood’s next “it” couple?


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