…yes, with a woman, y’all (I know you were thinking it!)

According to Sister 2 Sister magazine, Tyler Perry is looking to get hitched to his model girlfriend very soon. Perry and Gelila Bekele have been spotted shopping for rings and friends say they’ve been discussing marriage.

Sister 2 Sister reports:

Model Gelila Bekele reportedly let it slip to friends that she and Tyler have talked about getting married.

But the nuptials could be more than just talk as one of would-be bride’s buddies revealed that Gelila and Tyler have actually looked at rings and scoped out some prospective wedding venues.

Perry previously talked openly about a possibly pregnancy scare he and his girlfriend had and how he wasn’t quite ready to be a father.

Perry shared: “Back in December, when we thought we were having a kid, I got a little overwhelmed. Now I got overwhelmed when I first got a dog because I knew I was responsible for this living creature. So think how I reacted to the thought of having a child.”

But it seems like TP is ready to put the foundation in place to finally be a family man.

Does this mean more films and TV shows depicting positive black couples? I’ll guess we’ll have to just wait and see. But I can picture it now, “Madea’s Big Fat Black Wedding!”…or something.

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