Oh, and here I thought we were living in 2011. Apparently, we’ve been transported back to the bad ol’ days of Jim Crow.

A small church in Kentucky’s Appalachian region recently voted to ban interracial couples from joining its flock. Members of the Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church voted on resolution that states that the church “does not condone interracial marriage” and that interracial couples cannot become members or be “used in worship services or other church functions.”

So what caused the church to vote on such a resolution? Well, it all started when one of the church’s members–a young, white college student–brought her boyfriend to church.  Yup, you guessed it, he’s a Black man.

The Huffington Post reports:

The resolution came after [Dean Harville’s] daughter visited the church this summer with her boyfriend from Africa.

Stella Harville and Ticha Chikuni – now her fiance – visited the church in June and Chikuni sang a song for the congregation. The two had visited the church before.

Dean Harville, the church’s secretary, said he was counting the church offering after a service in early August when he was approached by Thompson, who told him Harville’s daughter and her boyfriend were no longer allowed to sing at the church.

“If he’s not racist, what is this?” Harville said of Thompson.

The resolution was only voted on by a handful of members (it passed by a 9-6 margin), and the pastor of the church says he does not support it. Still, this sends a very racially charged message–interracial couples are not welcome in the house of the Lord.

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