On December 15 we asked for your help in spreading the word of the sudden disappearance of Dr. Tosin Oyelowo, a pharmacy resident at the Medical University of South Carolina last seen on December 9. In a sad conclusion to this search conducted by friends, family, and supporters, the police have identified a woman who jumped off of a bridge in Charleston as Dr. Oyelowo.

From The Charleston Observer:

Charleston and Mt. Pleasant police originally declined to identify the jumper as Oyelowo until the body was recovered, but today, Charleston Police Department spokesman Charles Francis said eyewitnesses at the scene had confirmed Oyelowo’s identity. According to an incident report, police found Oyelowo’s car parked at the Shell gas station on the Mt. Pleasant side of the bridge. Her purse and keys were found at the top of the bridge near where she had been seen around 3:40 p.m.

The police are continuing their search for her body in conjunction with the Coast Guard. Our thoughts here at CLUTCH go out to her friends and family during their time of grief.

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  • This is so sad to hear.


  • Sole

    OMG!! I was getting soo freaked out by all of these folks disappearing. Soo sad I wonder what was bothering her :( Poor baby. Maybe she had some pressure/stress or pain on her. Wow. My condolences to her family and friends.

    You know at one point I thought of doing the same ( stress from work, school and not having money) but I couldn’t bear to think of how it would hurt my family esp my mother.

    @joececlyd you are soo right!!

  • liyah

    has it crossed ur mind dat maybe it wasnt even suicide afterall…(enough maybes if u look in very deep) may she rest in peace

  • SO SAD!

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  • Amber R.

    @sxydread and others

    Though we can’t be certain she committed suicide-you’re right. Depression is very real and to say a person is selfish for committing suicide tells me their is a lack of awareness. I’m reminded of the stigma of depression and why suicide continues. As a person who has thought about and thought up plans to “off” myself, I can say from my perspective that I know I needed help but every part of me was paralyzed; thoughts, emotions, body, etc. Self-centered, maybe, but not in the attention-seeking way; self-centered in the “everything in me and outside of me is nothing” way .

    Other than that, I hope the Dr. has found peace.