In our parents and grandparents generation if a woman was attacked she was told to yell, scream and blow on her rape whistle to alert others in the area that she was in danger. Outside of the attacker possibly getting caught, the whistle did little to warn other women of the predator should he remain on the loose. That was then however, and this is now. Enter the iHollaback app.

iHollaback!, which started as a blog and is now an iPhone app, fights street harassment on the spot, and allows users to create a “Holla Shame” on the Internet. According to an article in Good:

“The movement was started in 2005 by Emily May, who launched a Brooklyn blog collecting stories and photos women had snapped of men who harassed them on the street. Since then, the movement has gone global, spreading to other cities and then to one central online hub. The accompanying app, which allows users to report harassment in real time and map out where it occurred, not only provides some post-harassment satisfaction, but aids police in identifying hot spots.”

The hope is that using technology women can be better aware of the dangers in their neighborhoods and that police can more easily capture rapists, gropers and the like.

What do you think of iHollaback? Would you use it?

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