Malikah Shabazz has been arrested for allegedly breaching the conditions of her probation. This past June, the 46-year-old daughter of the civil rights legend pled guilty to the charge of identity theft and was sentenced to 5 years probation for accruing over $55,000 bucks in the name of 70-year-old family friend, and wife of one of the slain civil rights leader’s bodyguards, Khaula Bakr. Queens prosecutors say Shabazz conned Bakr into giving up her personal information by saying it was needed it for childcare paperwork, NY Daily News reports. Bakr received a costly wake up call when the letter arrived from the bank demanding she repay the $30,000 she ‘owed’.


Shabazz had been ordered to make monthly payments of $1,229 for 50 months to repay the credit card companies she’d fraudulently charged – or face 7 years in jail. Allegedly, however, Malcolm’s youngest daughter has not yet lived up to the payment agreement. A Queens judge ordered Shabazz to be detained on Tuesday night for failure to ‘pony up’ the dough. She was also accused violating the terms of her probation that required her to stay NY-bound during the 5 year period. Allegedly, Malikah Shabazz had been living in St. Albans, VT, above a bar she considered acquiring.


District Attorney Richard Brown issued the following statement on the matter: “The defendant, who preyed upon the trusting nature of a once close family friend, has admitted her guilt in committing a serious felony offense and will be ordered to make her victims financially whole.”


Shabazz is being held without bail until her next court appearance, which is scheduled on January 6th.

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