Jesus please take the wheel! Looks like VH1might be getting ready to release a new reality show of the NSFW variety. Rumors are swirling and booties are bouncing after a YouTube video was posted by popular Miami strip club King of Diamonds owners Akinyele and Charles “Pop” Young (Trick Daddy’s father) suggesting that they have been in talks with VH1 to debut a reality show called ‘Queen of Strip’ centered around a few of the exotic dancers at the club.

Although VH1 hasn’t confirmed anything, yet, according to the video the show will be airing on the network sometime in the near future. No word on who will be cast in the show but many are sure King of Diamonds Head Stripper In Charge Blac Chyna will be somewhere in the mix.

Just when you thought the programming on VH1 couldn’t possibly get any lower they bring Player’s Club to the small screen. Someone call up Lisa Raye and tell her it’s time for Diamond to dust off her thong, maybe she can show the girls a thing or two.

Would you watch a reality show about strippers?

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  • lynette

    So I’m not sure why this is a problem when Steve Harvey can pimp out the masses on the big screen…why can’t women pimp themselves out on VH1…why stop now?…why not let women get some of that money too?…just sayin…

  • gyrlwitglasses

    I thought this show already happened. Ok, don’t judge me but HBO used to have this show called “G-String Divas.” They followed strippers from the club to their life on the outside. Many would talk about how patrons fell in love with them and also some were trying to take care of their kids and go to school. It was interesting and a 30-minute show. I also watched the “Bunny Ranch.” That’s a show on Showtime that talks about that ranch in Nevada where prostitution is legal. And isn’t there a show about pimps on HBO or Showtime, right now? I find those worlds interesting, but I also appreciate them on premium cable channels—after hours. I don’t mind the stripper show, but just don’t put it on VH1.

    • Trini

      “I thought this show already happened.”

      Yeah but THIS particular show is supposed to be about a BLACK strip club. Thats our cue to stomp on our well worn soapbox! Like always!

    • gyrlwitglasses

      LOL! Thanks Trini! I appreciate the clarification. This is actually my second-time commenting, I’m usually a lurker because of shyness! lol.