Although they vowed to make it to the end of time, another celebrity couple bites the dust. After just over a year of marriage, pop princess Katy Perry and actor Russell Brand have decided to split, and just like another famous divorcing couple, they didn’t have a prenup.

Back in October 2010, Brand told fans that the couple wanted to have a “normal” marriage.

“It ain’t selling the pictures, ain’t doing no prenup. It’s like a normal thing,” he said.

Well, doing it the “normal” way may have Katy a little lighter in the pockets.

According to Forbes magazine, Katy Perry is worth $44 million, much more than her soon-to-be-ex who clocks in at around $6 to $15 million. And because the two wed in California, a community property state, Brand may be entitled to half of whatever Perry made during their 14-month marriage, including a $6.5 million home the couple purchased in June.

So, for all the men who cried foul when they heard about Vanessa Bryant coming up on half of Kobe’s paper, this one’s for you.


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