I was watching the newest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta the other night, and a lot of it focused on Sheree Whitfield, her money situation, and her preparation for court. Her ex-husband served her with papers to get the amount of child support he is legally obligated to pay for the care of their two children. Bob Whitfield, a former NFL player, claimed that his income was only $3,000 a month. $3,000??? Does he have an internship? I don’t understand how a former millionaire earns the amount a recent college graduate might make.

My outrage on that issue aside, the crazy part in all of this is instead of feeling bad about not paying child support — even after Sheree almost begged for it, he beat her to the punch and asked for a reduction on child support that he hasn’t even paid. Clearly, Bob is trifling for not having paid money that he is legally (and morally) obligated to pay, but the nerve of him to then turn around and testify that he wants to pay even less.

This situation should not have happened this way, and I blame Sheree for putting herself in the position to be served court papers. The episode of RHOA showed me how misplaced her priorities are, and it made me have less sympathy for her entire plight with that deadbeat ex of hers.

First of all, Sheree had been advised to serve Bob court papers for his non-payment of child support by her friend and lawyer, Phaedra Parks. Even her mother told her to do that. Mr. Whitfield was not showing any type of responsibility for his beautiful daughter and growing son, who had needs that his father should had been supporting. Their son is 14 and wears the same size shoes as his age. Undoubtedly, making sure he has everything he needs is not cheap. And let’s not forget his 11-year-old daughter, who needs her father to set an example of responsibility for her to see as she matures into a young woman.

Sheree is owed money, but in spite of the advice she received about having the courts handle it for her, she sat on it. Her reason was that she didn’t want to look bad by suing her ex. And she didn’t want people to think she really needed it. We’ll chock it up to pride, which comes before the fall.

But many things made me give Sheree the side-eye (o_O). First, she said she needed the money from Bob. However, when she was going to Phaedra’s place to prepare for the case, she showed up in a brand new Porsche. Who buys a $75,000 car when they are about to go to court to say they need money??? Common sense should say that doesn’t match up, but it clearly did not. This is the same person whose Aston Martin got repossessed last year, yet she’s buying another luxury car. She needs a financial advisor because she’s not making the smartest decisions with her wallet.

Also, Sheree brought potential court day outfits for Phaedra to see. One of them was a Dolce & Gabanna suit. And her bag was a STUNNING orange Hermés. Her outfit alone was worth over $12,000, four-times the amount that Bob Whitfield said he was making in a month. And she wants the judge to actually believe that she needs his money. I’m not saying she isn’t still owed money. She really is but her approach to it was a bit naïve and she was focusing on the wrong things. The courtroom is not for stunting, ma’am.

Then we got a look at where Sheree was currently staying. She lives in a two-bedroom apartment with her son, but she says it’s temporary as she builds “Chateau Sheree” from the ground up. This “chateau” is another example of how Sheree wants to show she’s wealthy on one hand and needing money on the other. But since she claims this is just a temporary arrangement, I guess she thinks the small place with very little furniture is excused. Yet she’s driving a Porsche. These things do not add up.

And that isn’t even the worst part. At one point, the camera followed her son as he walked into his room and before it panned away, it zoomed in on the floor. There was an air mattress laying there. THIS is when I basically lost the rest of my sympathy for Sheree and her struggle wallet.

I could NOT believe that Sheree’s son doesn’t even have a REAL bed. Even if they’re in the apartment temporarily, beds aren’t disposable. I don’t understand. She can’t afford a Sealy Posturepedic but she has Louboutins for days and Birkin bags on her wrist? No, that doesn’t work. Sheree is losing because there is no excuse for her son to be laying on an inflatable bed every night when she’s driving an expensive sports car and wearing nothing but designer clothes. NONE whatsoever.

Sheree needs a life coach, a financial advisor, and a stern talking to because her priorities are full circle messed up. Yes, she’s owed child support by her ex. BUT she doesn’t seem to be starving for all the luxuries of life. Meanwhile, her son sleeps on a bed that you fill with air every night. I don’t respect this and she should be ashamed of herself.

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