Since announcing her pregnancy to the world on this year’s MTV Music Awards, Beyonce’s unborn has been the most talked about fetus in town. After a photo surfaced supposedly showing Beyonce’s growing bump collapsing, many began to question whether or not the singer was actually pregnant. Despite the rumors, Bey’s been gearing up for the arrival of her little bundle of joy by continuing to promote her latest album, ‘4,’ showcasing her clothing line, and shopping up a storm to make sure baby Knowles-Carter is the best dressed newborn in town.

Tonight ABC’s 20/20 will air an exclusive interview with Beyonce. In it, King B addresses her fluctuating baby bump, dispels some myths about her pregnancy, and talking about how she plans to balance it all.

So, what WAS up with the collapsing baby bump and fluctuating due date? According to Beyonce, she’s doing what she has to to keep her unborn baby safe.

“The truth is, it’s safety. I just want to make sure I can have a peaceful day. And I want to make sure my child is protected,” she said.

On rumors about her pregnancy:

“There are certain things that are so far [out] … it doesn’t even upset you.  Other rumors do take a toll”

On the proud papa’s excitement:

“You can only imagine, and multiply that. It’s very exciting for both of us and our families. … Everyone is so anxious. It’s like the time just can’t come fast enough.”

On why she decided to announce her pregnancy on the MTV Awards:

“Physically I was starting to show, so it was only a matter of days before someone zoomed in. So I just wanted it to be from me, and I wanted it to be something that was a celebration of something so beautiful. And I didn’t want to release a picture or a statement. I figured the biggest statement was to — just be.

“[After the announcement] I just felt free. I really did, because I’d been holding the most exciting thing in for so long, and I just felt like, Wow, now I can enjoy and now I can just experience this the way that every woman should. So I felt so liberated, and I felt like, Oh, I can breathe and be happy. And, you know, it was a beautiful feeling. … I went straight off the stage and just cried. I hugged my mom, I hugged Jay and just cried. It was a beautiful day.”


20/20 airs tonight at 10pm. Will you be watching? 

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