From Frugivore — When you think squats, you think big men doing deadlifts or women trying to get that track star booty, right? Squats tightening things up, but they’re good to have in a workout routine for other reasons. The main reason you need these in your lineup is squats help improve balance, which you need every day. And because they work your quads and hamstrings, squats help protect your knees from injury.

Squats are about more than your legs; this exercise engages the core, glutes, and outer thighs in addition to your quads and hamstrings. Squats definitely give you the most bang for your buck. Working large muscle groups in the lower body get your whole body ready to be changed by exercise since they require so much energy. And years after your body loses its youthful tightness, the squats you did (and hopefully continue to do) will keep help you with mobility in old age.

Expecting mamas should work a few squats into their exercise routine, too, especially in week 39. Squats help speed along labor because they widen the pelvic opening.

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  • Jess

    My least favorite exercise! I absolutely hate them!! I do them with weights four days a week when I workout. My legs are strong and defined though.

  • The Comment

    and if you have bad knees use the Smith Machine and you won’t hear a crack or pop!

    • damidwif

      i dont understand how this is the case

    • ruggie

      Best way to avoid cracks and pops is yoga for flexibility and Knox gelatin to build up the connective tissue (it also grows nails).

  • Maybe

    I like my proportions and I eat VERY healthy but I dont execise nearly enough. I’m usually able to flatten my stomach quickly but everything else require alot more than I’m able to give. Squats don’t seem to be as intense as other workouts I’ve done, but I’ll give it a try. Any tips on where to start?

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