I have many friends of many religions but all with similar spiritual beliefs. We all believe in a higher being, though we may call him or her by different names. We all believe that we are connected as humans by something greater than humanity, though our stories of human creation may differ. And we all believe that strengthening our spirits should be a daily activity, one that we can share despite the various religious doctrines we follow.

I´ve found that meditation, yoga, and reiki have served me well as spiritual activities that can be applied to the lives of people from various faiths. Every morning, I wake up to the sound of the ocean, and join a group of artists from my neighborhood in meditation. We practice Qigong (pronounced chee-gong), which combines breathing, stretching, and meditating to calm the mind and heal the body. Together, we hold various poses, breathe deeply, and center ourselves for the day ahead, as the rapid pace of the city can pull our minds all over the place. While we come from various ethnic backgrounds, religious faiths, and walks of life, our meditation in the morning unifies us, creating a beautiful community for spiritual growth and support.

Much like Qigong, yoga also pulls together the art of posing, stretching, breathing, and meditating. I´ve found that holding various positions, particularly centered on my womb, has allowed me to release any pent up energy, anxiety, or fears that I´m harboring in various areas of my life. It is during these stretches and deep breaths that I find myself reconnecting with my spiritual power, belief in the universe, and purpose as a human being. Sharing that with the other women in my community has been phenomenal, and helped me grow both intrinsically and externally in numerous friendships and relationships.

Recently, I was initiated into the practice of reiki, which involves channeling the energy of the universe through placing your palms on various parts of your body or the bodies of others. With Japanese roots, it´s often used as a form of alternative medicine to put the body at a state of equilibrium and heal people struggling with certain health issues. I´ve found that reiki has helped me relax and make peace with my body whenever I feel a pain or cold developing. When I lay my hands in certain positions across my body, I can feel the energy moving through me and usually within a few hours whatever pain I´ve been feeling is gone. In addition, it also is a powerful practice to apply while praying, as I´ve felt like my words and thoughts had more power when I´m touching myself and asking for healing in my body.

While every individual has her belief and religious practices, I find nondenominational activities like meditation, yoga, and reiki as something we could all use to enhance our spirituality.

What nondenominational activities do you use to strengthen your spirit, clear your mind, or heal your body? Share your practice!

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