After allegedly groping two teens in a New York City subway station, 22-year-old Jacob Sanford was shot in the lower back by an off-duty police officer who was attempting to arrest him.

According to reports, Officer Jason Butler was shopping and had been waiting for the train in Harlem. After overhearing a commotion in the station, the two teens–a 13 and an 18-year-old–pointed out Sanford and complained he groped them. When Butler approached the man he identified himself as a police officer and yelled for him to get down. A struggle ensued and eye witnesses told police it looked like Sanford was trying to throw Officer Butler off the platform and in front of an oncoming train. A shot was discharged from Officer Butler’s gun, but they aren’t sure if it was intentional. Police are still investigating.

Sanford was taken to Harlem Hospital and is in stable condition. Police say he has a lengthy record which includes assaulting police officers in the past, and according to reports, he admitted to groping the teens.


*photo by Marcus Santos for New York Daily News


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