‘Basketball Wife’ and professional reality celeb Tami Roman is allegedly being sued –once again – this time by former manager, Jerry Silverhardt. According to TMZ, Silverhardt filed a suit claiming that Tami owes him for services provided in regards to the 3rd Season of Basketball Wives. Prior legal woes involve a suit reportedly filed earlier this year by co-star Meeka Claxton behind their televised fight in Rome.

Despite his claims,  Sister 2 Sister reported that a member of Tami’s entourage has accused Silverhardt of being nothing short of a media whore. The unnamed source said that Tami’s “done with Jerry and doesn’t owe him a thing.” She continued to say that Tami has been out of contact with Silverhardt for some time now. “He’s just looking for publicity… We’re not giving him any shine. Tami hasn’t talked to him in more than two years.”

But as the former manager told TMZ, the lapse in communication means absolutely nothing. He claims that the oral contract between he and Roman stipulates that he receive 10% of all of her Basketball Wives earnings up to the sixth season. The validity of any of this drama has yet to be determined.



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