Common cracks me up. I’ve been a fan of his since his very first album Can I Borrow A Dollar, which was kind of gangsta rappy and had numerous songs about all of the “hoes” he gets and their ways. I stuck with him through his conscious Resurrection phase and well into when he started wearing crochet vests and became a vegan. He’s like hip-hop’s Madonna — always going through some “phase” but at his core pretty much the same.

Common sat down with “Sway In The Morning” to promote his new album and the subject turned to dating. In addition to sharing his opinion on dating single mothers, he admits that he can’t rule out getting back together with Taraji Henson, who he calls “a beautiful woman.” Common also responds to the loose lip revelations of Brett Ratner, who also dated Serena Williams and had a whole lot to say about their bedroom behavior. Watch [the dating conversation begins around 3:30]:

What do you think about what Common had to say about dating and his famous exes?

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