The case of the tragic shooting that claimed the life of Slim Dunkin may soon come to a close as rapper Young Vito, born Vinson Hardimon, gave himself up to ATL police yesterday afternoon. Sources report that the 28-year-old who allegedly shot Dunkin, a.k.a. Mario Hamilton, over a piece of candy was transported to Fulsom County jail. Hardimon is being held on gun possession and murder charges.

Had Young Vito not turned himself in, the police may have faced major delays in capturing the rap-star-hopeful. Authorities said he’d made some pretty significant changes to his appearance since the issuing of the official wanted picture. The image featured Hardimon with a beard, mustache, goatee and locks, but as an ATL detective explained, that is not how he looked when he entered the police station on Monday. “He cut off those dreadlocks and was clean-shaven,” said Det. David Quinn.

No stranger to brushes with the law, Hardimon has been arrested numerous times in Fulton County dating back to 2004, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, on charges ranging from traffic violations to aggravated assault and child cruelty. With the suspect in custody, perhaps now they can get a handle on what really sparked the altercation between the two lyricists, and caused the death of one of them.

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