The sexilicious, dynamic actor’s new cop sitcom Common Law will premiere January 26 on the USA network. A little reminiscent of Miami Vice’s Crockett & Tubbs, Common Law promises to be a witty, sexy & action-packed cop show starring edible Ealy alongside Warren Kole as a mismatched pair of LAPD detectives who get remanded to attend couples therapy to resolve the undying contempt they hold for one another, and make the following revelation: “A successful relationship or partnership doesn’t mean you have to like the same things…but hate the same things.”

Peep the preview of the upcoming show:

True blue Ealy fans already know it’s worth a view. Will you take part in watching the debut of ‘Common Law’ come January 26th?

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  • I`am not MAD

    Go to NETFLIX and watch “SLEEPER CELL” all 18 episodes….Enjoy…

  • sunshyne84

    Don’t we have enough of those?

  • LJF

    Yes I will be watching as I happen to LOVE a vast majority of the series that appear on USA Network – plus he is just too damn fine to pass up watching every week.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    So, basically Michael Ealy is going to play a police officer…again!!! Hopefully USA won’t prematurely cancel this show like they did his other one “FlashForward”, LOL!!!

    • dao

      Wasn’t that Taye Diggs in FlashForward, or was Michael Ealy in that one too?

    • Perverted Alchemist

      Taye Diggs was in the short-lived series “Day Break”- which, like “FlashForward”- was also on ABC and both lasted one season. While both are based in science-fiction, the shows are very different. “Day Break” centered around the repeat of one day, while “FlashForward” was trying to solve the mystery of a three minute blackout that happened all over the world.

    • Perverted Alchemist

      I also should have clarified earlier that “FlashForward” was on ABC, not USA- as USA doesn’t really deal with sci-fi shows…their sister network SyFy does.

    • dao

      I actually think USA did a sci fi show once called the 4400. I’m almost positive that show was on USA. Either way, I’ll be checking this new one with M.E. out. I can’t recall seeing him do comedic stuff, I bet he’d be good at it.

    • Perverted Alchemist

      Actually, you are right. “The 4400” origianlly ran on USA, then the show was later moved to USA’s sister network SyFy for the reruns.

      Also, Michael Ealy actually was in a comedy. If you remember, he was in Ice Cube’s “Barbershop” franchise. He was the character that kept getting into it with Sean Patrick Thomas’ character (Remember him???) and had a love/hate relationship with Eve’s character Terri in the film.

  • secret ninja

    if it’s on USA i think it will last. i love cop shows so this should be interesting. i also love Maria Bello’s show “Prime Suspect” but i heard it’s stopped production, i hope it moves to USA, A&E, BRavo, or TNT, i think it would be a better fit. that show is too good to counsel. anyway back to Michael Ealy, i’m glad he’s getting a new show and that its on the USA network.

    • Perverted Alchemist

      What? “Prime Suspect” is on hiatus? I love that show, and it’s one of the few new shows that I liked this year. I also agree that it should go to USA, as it would be easier for that show to maintian an audience (USA is owned by Universal Studios who also own NBC).