I was watching ‘Love & Hip Hop’ last night (I know…guilty pleasure), when inevitably, yet another fight broke out. This time Chrissy was nowhere in sight, but Kimbella caught another two piece to the grill from fellow video model Erica Mena.

As I watched the women tussle over who was responsible for the demise of the Video Modeling industry, I got to thinking: Aren’t they too grown for that?

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Fighting is somewhat a part of life. I get it. Growing up, many of us were challenged or challenged others to fights because we were attempting to traverse the tricky the dynamics of adolescence. But fighting as adults? Is so passé. Not only is it a crime–ehem, assault–but as an adult you should have built up the proper communication techniques to talk your way through, or out of, any sort of conflict.

But this is TV and  fighting on reality shows makes for higher ratings. But I’ve seen these situations play out in real life and it just isn’t cute. It’s one thing to laugh at the beautiful idiots on ‘Love & Hip Hop’ or ‘Basketball Wives’ as they throw punches and pull each other’s weaves, but when you have real women subscribing to the “whoop that trick” mentality it becomes a problem.

We have talked ad nauseam about how these sorts of shows reflect negatively upon the image of Black women as a collective, but what about on our ability to handle conflicts? I’ve seen plenty of minor arguments escalate to Chrissy-level beat downs, and I can’t help but think that it’s due in part to the things we constantly consume and our inability to talk it out.

So as we enter into 2012 and think about all of the things we’d like to put behind us for 2011, I’m hoping cat fights finally become black history. Because there’s nothing tough, or bad, or bold about fighting in the street getting your face all scratched up when you could have been setting your disagreements like civilized people.

I know y’all feel me, Clutchettes.

What other things would you like to see stay in 2011? 

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