One of our favorite crime dramas is coming back for another season. According to a Variety  interview with show creator Neil Cross, BBC’s breakout hit, “Luther,” will be back for a third heart-pounding season.

The show stars Idris Elba as a police detective who will do just about anything to catch some of London’s worst criminals. Elba’s portrayal of John Luther leaves viewers riveted as they watch him straddle the line of what is and is not legal to catch his prey.

“Luther” is not only action-packed, but it’s also extremely well-written and well-acted. It’s been a hit on both sides of the pond and series creator Neil Cross says it might be coming to the big screen.

Variety reports:

Fans of “Luther” will be happy to know that work on the third series has already begun, though Cross hints that it will probably be its last. “Idris (Elba) is a busy man.”

Signs look good, however, that it won’t be the last time audiences see the character. “There’s a strong possibility there will be a ‘Luther’ movie in the near future,” says Cross

Although I’m sad that this may be the third and final season of “Luther,” lets keep our fingers cross that Cross and Elba can bring this fabulous show to the big screen.

Would you watch a Luther film? 

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