Christmas shopping season has officially begun and in between commercials for deeply discounted sales and bad remakes of Donny Hathaway’s “This Christmas,” I’m just not feeling the spirit.

When I was younger, Christmas was magical. I looked forward to it all year long and my brother and I would wake up at the crack of dawn, wake up our parents, and tear into our presents. After my parents divorced when I was a teen, and I began to get older, Christmas lost its appeal. Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing the holiday with my family (and my parents have become very good friends), but the whole gift-giving thing? I could do without it.

This year, I’ll be headed to the UK a week before Christmas and I plan on spending whatever extra money I have enjoying my time in London. It’s the best gift anyone–including myself–could ever give, so I don’t need anything else. But I also won’t be breaking the bank and going into debt for others.

While I love the thought behind gift-giving, Christmas has gotten way too commercial. It’s no longer about getting something really special for those you love, but about gifting the latest, greatest gadget to keep up with the Joneses.

This year, I won’t be giving gifts to others (except my son and perhaps my grandmother) for a few reasons: 1) They don’t need yet another calendar, 2) I can’t afford the really nice stuff, and most importantly, 3) everyone else is grown and has a job.

I’ve already told my parents that they don’t need to worry about getting me anything this year. I’m already living my dream.

Are you giving gifts this year? Why or why not?

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  • Bosslady

    I haven’t bought my friends Christmas gifts in years…We are all adults, and as somebody already said, you always buy the best gifts for yourself, so If I want something, I buy it! I do however always buy my mom and the kids of the family gifts. Last year was hard for me financially and I was away from home so I only bought my mom and little brother (the VIP’s!!) pressies, but this year I’m going to attempt to resume buying all the kids pressies… Which in my family means four nephews and four nieces!! Expensive times ahead *sigh*

  • dlovin

    there is no law that says you have to buy x-mas gifts or give gifts on x-mas day.. do it when you want or don’t do it at all..

    i like shopping for other ppl.. i always make it my business to get my many nieces n nephews a lil something and my parents along w/my kids..

    but this year, i went cheap.. i got some of the best deals that i even got my siblings something.. i usually get them something but i went in a different direction this yr..

    i know i’m not obligated and if i didn’t have the $$ nobody would get anything and i wouldn’t feel bad about it at all..

    one yr i just got my son pajamas, undies, socks and t-shirts because of his piss poor behavior..

  • It’s unfortunate that you are not getting into the “holiday spirit”.

  • I hope more people will take the leap and stop going into debt and spending loads of money for holiday gifts. The freedom that comes after making the commitment (and yeah it takes a couple of years for everyone to figure out that your serious) is so liberating–not to mention financially beneficial–it is a valuable way to live. I regularly write about ideas like this on my blog SMART Living as a way to encourage others to live a happier life. Thanks again for your article.